About Us

Masters of Rugby League Australia Inc was introduced as a spinoff from the International Masters Tournament that was held at the Western Weekender Stadium the home of St Marys Rugby League Club, Sydney in October 2004. The concept was so well received by all the teams that played that the Chairman of Masters who had been playing the game in NZ for about 12 years asked if we could get it going over here.

Initially two people Malcolm Duncan and Graeme Killeen, both involved with the Penrith Junior League for many years, agreed to become the President and Secretary of the new venture and endeavour to get it up and running with the support and help of St Marys Leagues, a keen band of Penrith referees and a few other enthusiastic supporters.

We registered the name Masters of Rugby League Australia Inc. with the department of Fair Trading and created a non profit sporting body, with the aim to bring a non competitive game to any person over the age of 35, no longer playing in any other organised competition, with the emphasis on sportsmanship,goodwill and just to play our great game of Rugby League in the manner in which it was meant to be played,with every game ending in a draw so that the emphasis is on taking part and not worrying about winning.


Executive Officer/Secretary Malcolm Duncan
President Graham Killeen
Referees CoOrdinator Colin Smith
Referees Co Ordinator
Australian Registrar Denise Duncan
Queensland Registrar Thomas Mieni

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