Happy New Year to all masters players and families.

The 2018 Masters season is planned to kickoff on Saturday 7th April at Quakers Hill.  All teams should make contact to confirm availability for the first module.  We look forward to catching up with all new and returning players at the Quakers Hill module as well as new teams joining for the first time.

This years annual Tournament is planned for the Gold Coast in the week leading up to the NRL Grand Final, September 21-28th. Hosted again by the Southport RSL for all functions, grounds are yet to be confirmed and advised. Just a heads up so teams can plan for it.

This years tour to the UK by the Australian masters side is about to commence on the 25th of February.






Welcome to everyone who takes the time to have a look at our website.     The video on the home page was done on our first tour to Great Britain and is used on the RFL website in the UK. I feel it really explains what Masters is all about, I hope you enjoy it.

Our other video is on the About Us Page

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